Team Formation

Updated 1/4/2020

Fairhope Soccer Club is pleased to announce a new approach to player placement and evaluation for the upcoming Spring 2020 Academy season.


We believe in long-term player development. In order to see the benefits of player development, we must invest time and patience in the process.  Our club believes in a grassroots approach to youth player development. We stress technical development at all of our young ages. We want our players, from the youngest of ages, to begin enjoying soccer through confidence on the ball.


Before any game tactics are ever introduced, we want a passion for mastery of the ball to be imbedded in our players’ hearts. We encourage creativity, challenges, mistakes, and constant adaptation. We believe our coaches should be “hands off” during games.


We expect coaches, players, and spectators to be positive always, constructive when necessary, and, mostly, to find enjoyment in the game no matter the line score at the end. We understand that the process of developing youth players for the game of the future is a long, slow journey and we must exhibit patience and best practices in order to keep our youth playing and performing at levels of maximum enjoyment and growth.


A New Kind of Process – No Try-outs – Why?


It is proven that the tryout process at such a young age causes unnecessary stress on the player and parent. We also find that it contradicts the stance of long-term player development. If we are holding tryouts every 4-5 months, we are clearly not showing time or patience in the development process.


New for Spring 2020: In lieu of "tryouts", we will be offering our returning Fall 2019 Fairhope Rangers Academy players a spot on their current team.  An email will be sent to either accept or decline your invite for the upcoming season. 

Fairhope Rangers Academy will host an Open House in January for Spring season and May for Fall season.  The purpose is to provide interested soccer players the opportunity to be placed either on an Academy or Challenge team with open spots. 

The levels of play within our club allows our coaches and club to be constantly observed the developmental progress of our all players and thinking about where players fit best whether that be Academy, Challenge or Recreation.