Financial Assistance Information

Updated 5/13/2019

Through the support of loyal sponsors and donations, Fairhope Soccer Club is able to offer limited financial assistance for those who meet certain established criteria. Applicants will be required to complete an application for financial assistance and submit to the club immediately. The financial assistance committee evaluates all requests and makes offers of assistance.
*****All players will be required to pay a minimum player fee of $265 for team fees. In addition, recipients will be required to provide volunteer service hours to the club during our tournaments. Financial assistance is available only for player fees and does not include travel fees (hotel stays, food and gas), extra tournaments/coach expenses which are not included with initial fees or uniform and additional gear.*****
You must submit an application for financial aid each season. For example, if you applied in the fall and received financial aid, you must then apply again for the spring season. 
Fairhope Soccer Club Financial Assistance Policy
Fairhope Soccer Club is pleased to offer a Financial Assistance program to help deserving players who may not otherwise be able to afford the expense of select soccer. Qualification takes into consideration financial needs as well as other factors that may influence a player’s ability to play at the competitive level. Most financial assistance are “partial financial aid” and families are expected to pay for a portion of the player’s fees and uniforms costs. Financial aid is based on the financial assistance committee’s assessment of need.
All financial assistance requests must be approved by the Financial Assistance Committee of Fairhope Soccer Club. Before financial assistance will be awarded, the parents or guardians of the prospective financial assistance recipient must complete the financial assistance application. The player must be financially current with the club from the previous year or if the paperwork is not provided or the Financial Assistance Committee determines that there is insufficient basis for financial assistance based on need the financial assistance will be denied. These decisions will be made on a case by case basis.
Funds are limited. Unfortunately, player travel expenses cannot be covered in the financial assistance. In those situations, however, some accommodation may still be made by working with Club Admin & Financial Committee. 
Along with the financial assistance application, the parent/guardian must submit the required financial documentation. The applicant should provide any additional information or documentation that will aid the Financial Assistance Committee in determining eligibility. Failure to do so may result in the denial of the financial assistance. 
The Financial Assistance Committee of the Board of Directors will review all financial assistance applications. The Financial Assistance Committee will then make a recommendation on each financial assistance request to the remainder of the Board for approval.
Parents/Guardians of financial assistance players MUST agree to volunteer 8 hours during the season at club hosted events. 
The parent/guardian will receiveve an email notification regarding the amount awarded as well as their portion they are responsible for.  
All information contained in the financial assistance application will be kept confidential but some information may be provided to the manager of the player’s team to ensure that the Financial assistance program is implemented to the best benefit of the player. 
All Financial Assistance questions, please contact Jacque Boyer, Club Admin.